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Laid Off Operations Executive Finds New Opportunity (Return to Top)

“I had been laid off for the first time in my career. I was really down, and my confidence level was at an all-time low. There were few jobs out there for an operations executive in manufacturing settings. After 6 months, I was really starting to panic; my savings were shrinking, and my eldest was a junior in high school and looking at colleges.  I was making no progress on my own, and the longer I was unemployed, the harder it would be to find a good job. I have a black belt in Six Sigma and am very good at streamlining processes that ultimately save companies a lot of money. I contacted Decades, started getting interviews, and found a great job with a manufacturer that wanted to add some production lines without expanding their factory floor or hiring new workers. I have gotten great support from the owners on the Six Sigma training and projects I have introduced, and the new line should be opening in about 8 weeks. We are running lean, and the workers are very engaged in reducing costs thanks to the incentives I have introduced. Decades got me to the right people.”

– Steve V

Early Retiree Becomes Interim CEO (Return to Top)

“I had decided to take an early retirement and enjoy travel and golf, but the recession hit, and I lost a lot of money on my investments. I realized that my savings would not last, and I decided that I had to go back to work. How do you find a job when you are 73 and haven’t worked for 8 years? I tried on my own for a few months, and I got nowhere, so my anxiety continued to increase. I own 2 large homes with substantial mortgages, and my wife was becoming worried about our future as well. Decades found my resume on a job board and called to see how my search was going. The representative was very easy to talk to, and she spent a lot of time discussing my options and how she thought Decades could help me. I discussed this with my wife, and we decided it was the right thing to do.  I started working with Decades and was delighted that everyone took the time to explain what he or she was doing to assist me. I talked with mentors who interviewed me as if I were in a job interview and coached me when my answers weren’t as positive as they could have been. We went through my whole career, and they made me realize I had a lot to offer. They stressed that my accumulated wisdom was very valuable to companies, particularly startups and firms that were growing rapidly. They also told me about interim positions that were available that I could fill while looking for a more permanent job. I interviewed with a venture capital firm and realized that working with them would be ideal. I helped with due diligence on companies they were considering buying, and, when they purchased one, they put me in as Interim CEO to turn it around. I did this for 6 months, and they sold it at a big profit, and I was quickly placed in another acquisition. We did so well that they decided to keep the company, and I have stayed on as CEO.”

– Frank T

Independent Businessman Returns to Information Technology Leadership (Return to Top)

“I am in my 60s, but I am not ready to retire. I left corporate America 5 years to run my own tax prep business, and I did pretty well at the beginning, but the earnings were not enough to support my family and allow us to afford travel during the off months, and I actually missed working with peers in business. I had always been in the IT world, and I wanted to get back into the industry. I had a lot of concern, however, about my age, what I had missed during the 5 years away from IT, and if I could make as much as I had before I left. I was so worried that I was going to fail that I was nearly paralyzed. Fortunately, I found Decades, and they changed everything for me. First, they convinced me that I was not too old to go back to my field – they told me that my wisdom and business savvy were worth a lot to companies. Although IT departments are typically populated by young folks, there is still a great need for executives who have tested management skills and understanding of business. They told me that leadership had to be earned, and it wasn’t something that 20 year olds could offer. While working with Decades, they got me to remember my entire career in detail. I gained confidence. I realized that I could catch up on the latest technology quickly, but I already knew how to be a leader. I also collaborated with former colleagues to learn about the latest technologies and study up on them. The interviews I got were from companies that were really interested in what I had to offer, and I found a great job that did not require me to relocate.”

– Tom B

Retired Veteran Uses Logistics Background in New Leadership Role (Return to Top)

“I had retired from the military and entered the civilian world, but I was not happy with the position I had found. I am only in my early 50s, so I had a long career ahead of me, but I wasn’t receiving any response to the resumes I was sending out. I felt frustrated and was regretting my retirement. My Army career had been in logistics and involved making sure that the necessary vehicles and weapons were in place for our soldiers around the world. The team I led was efficient and aware of the critical nature of our work. Soldiers’ lives depended on us, and we took it very seriously. The new civilian position was also in the logistics area, but there was little accountability, and deliveries arriving late were the norm. Unfortunately my management gave me little support and authority to fix things, and mediocre performance was acceptable. I started working with Decades specialists and was happy to find that they had a lot of experience helping former military officers find civilian positions. They “got it” that I insist on efficiency and a strong work ethic, and accountability. I worked with Decades for 9 months while I was still in the unpleasant job, not because they didn’t find me options, but because I had high standards for the next company I would join. Happily, they found me an executive position with a company that has a great reputation for timely logistics, supplying equipment to contractors in the same parts of the world where our soldiers are stationed. The criticality of ensuring that the equipment and replacement parts was on time was very similar to my mission in the Army. I have been able to improve all of the company’s metrics and lower their shipping costs substantially. It is a great fit, and I have Decades to thank for sticking with me and finding a company that was a great fit for me.”

– Sam C

Laid Off Operations Executive Finds New Opportunity (Return to Top)

“What I particularly appreciate about Decades is that they did not pigeonhole me. They spent a great deal of time with me from the beginning of our relationship to understand what I really wanted from a new job. They also suggested different types of business to me that I had never thought of, including taking a role as an interim executive with a company that needed my skill set to turn the business around.  The Decades professionals also listened to me in terms of where I would and wouldn’t be willing to relocate and targeted companies that were nearby first. I decided to try the interim route, and I am now in my second interim role, I have been offered several permanent C-level positions but I have decided to stay Interim. Decades treated me as an individual, and I will be forever grateful for the assistance they gave me.”

– Chris M

Senior Manager Finds Career Advancement (Return to Top)

“I was at the peak of my earning years, but I was in a senior management position at a company that was not making efforts to expand and grow. The people above me were happy in their jobs and not old enough to retire, so I felt stuck.  I started to put out feelers in my industry and posted my resume on a few job boards with no response. I spoke with Decades and learned that there were several high-salary positions available in my industry that were not advertised or posted anywhere. I signed up for their services and embarked on a journey of self-awareness and industry exploration. I was particularly impressed with the fact that the pros at Decades would remain engaged with me throughout the job search process for 2 years. Since I already had a job, I was not in a rush and was not in a position where I had to leap at the first offer to make my mortgage payment. We worked together for 4 months, with Decades marketing me several times. I had many interviews, but none of the offers I received were what I was seeking. Then the perfect opportunity arose from one of their targeted searches. I bounced ideas off of Decades staff and received some great advice about negotiating the best salary and benefit package. I got the offer and am now the President of a medium sized engineering firm that is poised to expand substantially. I have stock options, a great salary, and I am really happy. I plan to stay with this firm until retirement.”

– Todd R

Downsized Executive Lands Perfect CFO Position (Return to Top)

“I negotiated a great package with my former employer. I received severance and health insurance for a full year, and they kept me on the roster so that I could say I was employed.  They also offered to pay for a placement company’s services to help me find another job. I found Decades, and we started working together right away. Their approach is so different from other companies that offer to help you find a new job. Yes, they write all your literature, but not until they have spent many hours on the phone with you learning about you personally and professionally. My mentors asked probing questions and found common threads in my career that I had never thought about. We talked and talked, and they even coached me on how to discuss certain parts of my resume in the best light. The Executive Profile they developed for me was spot on and really told my story. They don’t use templates; they developed my profile to represent me as a unique executive with much to offer.  Decades sent my profile out several times, and I started getting solid interview requests after the second campaign. It was good to know that I could call a mentor to discuss offers I received. I am now the CFO of a financial services company, and I am so happy with my new role. Decades helped me realize that my experience as a CFO was the most important aspect of my career, not the industry. I am a quick learner and was up to speed on financial services in about 4 months, but I was able to start enhancing the operations of my department immediately. I run a tight ship, and I have the respect of my team and other executives in the firm.  I highly recommend this service to high level executives.”

– Larry P

Manufacturing Expert Specializing in Asian Operations Enjoys New COO Position (Return to Top)

“My entire career has been in manufacturing operations. I always enjoyed my work, but my favorite experiences were setting up new factories overseas. I really like to start from scratch and find a location, supervise construction, hire staff, and get the plant operating efficiently. I especially like the Far East and have many great contacts in China, Malaysia, and the Philippines.  My most recent employer made OEM auto parts and accessories, and, at that point in time, the auto industry was in a bad way. I could see the writing on the wall and realized that my plant would be substantially downsized or closed altogether. Decades representatives found my resume on a job board and contacted me to see what I was looking for. We discussed my love of overseas work, and they used their extensive network to find a company that was in the throes of building a new plant in China to manufacture molded plastic parts for desktop work-spaces. It was a perfect fit for me, and I landed a COO position for overseas operations. I started the Chinese factory and am now planning a new plant to be constructed in Malaysia. I have great decision-making authority, and I am enjoying the work enormously. I am single, so being away for months at a time is fine with me, and I am enjoying the immersion in Asian culture. I have good opportunities to travel all over that part of the world, and I am really happy. Thanks, Guys!”

– Hank F