Decades was founded with over twenty-five years of experience working with every conceivable executive type in the world  – CEOs, CFOs, COOs, VPs of IT, generals, admirals, state department personnel, attorneys, physicians and engineers. Everyone of them – leaders in their field.

In the beginning Decades would start with a seven day intensive interview process, evaluating every aspect of what a person knew, how it was learned and why it was used.  Sometimes we would take one thing on a resume. It may have been just one statement – “proven results” or “hiring people” or “leadership” – and this would end up being key to future career success. By the end of the process, there was an understanding of how an executive achieved results – an understanding of how they overcame challenges, why accomplishments happened, the unique concepts behind achievements, and even the philosophies that shaped business philosophies.

We would look for skills and talents people didn’t even know they had, because sometimes it takes an outsider to see them. When you do this with a person’s entire career, people gain a dimension to them totally different than anyone else with a resume. All of a sudden that piece of paper comes to life, and becomes a PERSON with talent, ability, knowledge, and passion.

It is always about developing the whole person.

Our belief is that executives are talented, brilliant people, but when nobody knows what they really do, nobody CARES what they do.

We wanted to expose value so someone could look at one of ourclients and say “WOW! Can you get this person in today? I don’t want to wait until tomorrow because I don’t want to lose this talented individual. I like him. I like her. I want to hire this person NOW!”

When an executive builds a career, they have to be paid for what they do – the education, the talent, the experience, the years of dedication, the books they’ve opened, all of the things they’ve done. It has value, but it is rarely apparent on a typical resume – “I’m good, results oriented, proven talent, proven results, proven ability” – all of this means nothing, because EVERYBODY says the same thing.

Decades started the process of discovering a person’s true leadership potential by actually listening to them.

Today, we continue this legacy with that same philosophy – you are more than your resume.