Are you good at your profession, but searching for more? It may be time to talk with us.

We work with individuals who are exceptional in their role, but looking for more – more money, more responsibility, more challenge – and give them access to the opportunities they seek.

How do we do this? By acting as an agent on YOUR BEHALF.

As an individual, you specialize at your profession. We specialize in getting you access to the best possible opportunities.

Most executives don’t think of themselves as needing “representation” the same way athletes, entertainers and authors do, but the smart executive realizes that leveraging an agent on their behalf to market them and assist with the job search will provide them with a competitive edge in a highly competitive field.

Decades works with each client as a unique individual, providing expert mentorship, including a comprehensive inventory of your career achievements and professional experiences. We discuss with you your career aspirations along with both personal and professional goals. We will practice interviewing techniques, refine negotiating skills pertaining to compensation, signing bonuses, stock options, and more. We will candidly discuss any potential perception of possible liabilities, while assessing your management assets and strengths.

Finally, we will work with you to develop an effective Marketing Plan, create appropriate marketing support, and aggressively present you to strategically-targeted companies and hiring personnel where we have established a well deserved reputation for placing the best people.

We have been doing this for Decades – isn’t it time you joined us?